The Mary Bendet Foundation
In memory of our wonderful friend Mary Bendet
Supporting children from underprivileged backgrounds and their development
Improving living conditions in day care centers, dormitories and playgrounds
Creating environments of joy such as rehearsal studios
Supporting talents by sponsoring scholarships
Inaugurating centers for blind and handicapped children with the aim to better prepare them for life

About Us

The Mary Bendet Foundation was established in memory our wonderful friend Mary Bendet, a extraordinary young woman who became a role model for an entire generation of her friends. She was a special person, full of joy, energy and love, taken away from us much too early.

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Mary Bendet Foundation

The Mary Bendet Foundation was founded to honor the life of our amazing and joyful friend Mary. The foundation helps deprived children from difficult backgrounds. Enabling them to enjoy life, empowering them to improve and preparing them for successful futures.

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Mary Bendet Charity Events

The Mary Bendet Foundation frequently hosts charity events to raise awarness for its cause.

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Our Impact

The Mary Bendet Foundation strives to make the life of children better and enable them to build a life on their own. We support children from underprivileged backgrounds and support them in their development.

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Music Playground Wizo Day Care Center Beer Sheva

Save a child’s heart mission to Tanzania

New Building

ELIYA – Beer Sheva Center


The Mary Bendet Foundation is supported by friends from all over the world who grew up with Mary, loved Mary and heard about her wonderful spirit.

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Annual Charity Event

Each year, the Mary Bendet Foundation hosts a charity event to raise awareness for its cause. Each event features an important guest speaker.

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